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Our Services

Introductory visit – We offer all parents and children the opportunity to visit the centre, prior to their first scheduled contact session. This allows the child/children to familiarise themselves with the setting and meet our staff members.  This visit also gives parents the opportunity to ask any questions they may have regarding contact.


Supported Contact - The centre provides a place where parents without residence can spend time with their child or children in a warm friendly environment.  We have a variety of comfortable rooms and spaces with age-appropriate toys where children and parents can develop healthy positive relationships with each other. We can also provide a written report explaining how each contact session has gone, if required.



Handovers - We provide a place where parents who don’t want to/can’t see each other can confidently hand over the child.  Parents arrive at separate entrances, the child will be greeted by staff or volunteers and is collected by the non-resident parent who will take the child out.  At the end of the visit the child is returned to the centre and collected by the parent with residence.


Additional Support

We know that separated families sometimes need other support and there are local services available for them. Please check our "Useful Links" tab.


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